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You deserve better Set

You deserve better Set

You always deserve better, lets exchange your hard work with ours. We carefully selected 3 premium tea to this set.


かぶせ茶 Kabuse

From one of Japan's organic tea pioneers comes an extraordinary kabusecha: Organic Premium Kabuse. Shaded for 20 days before harvest aims to lower down the photosynthesis, rather than the usual two weeks, the deep pine-green leaf needles delight with a rich ambrosia of umami savoriness. Distinct and delightfully complex but harmonious vegetal notes make it all at once refreshing, nourishing and stimulating. The Tea covering to make shady is really hard, imagine you are covering half of the mountain with some special breathing sheet and make sure it's not blow away for 3 weeks.



初摘みみどり Spring First Flush 

The best of Japanese sencha green teas, this is made from Hashiri Shincha (走り新茶), the very first buds of spring. Prepared since the previous fall, the young leaf buds are packed with nutrients stocked up by the plant over the long, cold winter. The result is the highest grade of tea leaf and an especially strong flavor. Harvested from our best fields at the start of the shincha (first flush) season, the theanine amino acid content of the buds is at its peak, imparting in the tea a deep, sweet and savory flavor reminiscent of a light sea breeze.


上焙じ茶 Premium Houjicha 

While most houjicha is made from bancha harvested in autumn, our Premium Houjicha is made of sencha from the precious first flush harvested in May. The delicacy of spring leaves, deep roasted at a high temperature, translates into a richer flavor with notes of buttery walnuts. Enjoy this low-caffeine, medium-bodied, clear and light "woodsy" soul-soothing drink and its elegant toasty aroma in the evening.


You may refer to the individual product introduction for brewing tips.

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