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Tea Sommelier Set

Tea Sommelier Set

You have drinking Japanese green tea all the time, and you wanted to tell the different. Now we set you 3 levels of different steamed tea. The steaming process is very important in Japanese tea processing, we pairing right tea leaf to the right steaming time to max the favor of the tea. 


春の香り harunokaori

One of our high graded tea, light steamed. The 88th night (八十八夜, Hachijuhachiya) from the first official day of spring, Risshun (立春), marks the traditional beginning of the shincha (first flush) picking season. Tea leaves picked in the two to three weeks following this day are the most highly prized in Japan. Our Spring Midori offers a highly aromatic presence and powerful but elegant and well-rounded lingering sweetness. A much appreciated and excellent choice of gift, as well as for savoring at home.


やぶきた緑 Yabukita Midori

The medium steamed. The cultivar Yabukita's flavor and aroma make it most suitable for Japanese sencha. The first flush of young leaves undergoes the steaming, drying and rolling process, but not the finishing process of separating the leaves from stems as done with the Premium and Spring Midori First Flush teas. This medium-steamed green tea (chumushi-cha) brews a light golden-green cup with whiffs of freshly cut grass. Its refreshing, clean flavor and mild, pleasing astringency on the palate makes it an excellent accompaniment to light meals. A reliable choice for the occasional or daily sencha drinkerYabukita.


山の深蒸し Yamano Fukamushi

The deep steamed tea, steamed for slightly longer than standard sencha, our mountain-grown leaves yield a deeper lime-green color. Its balance of astringency and sweetness is topped off with impressions of young leaf buds. Increasingly popular for its rich bold flavor and versatility, the tea can also be served chilled or with ice. Fukamushi is very suitable for the moment you cannot find the good quality bottled water, our Hong Kong and Singapore customer like this very much. 


You may refer to the individual product introduction for brewing tips.

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