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Summer Lover Set

Summer Lover Set

For our friends in tropical country or anyone enjoy cold brewing tea. We have these selections match your summer desire.


抹茶入玄米茶 Genmaichaa with Matcha mixed 

Our delicious blend of spring first flush leaves and aromatic roasted genmai (brown rice) is coated with organic brilliant green JAS-certified organic matcha powder. The harmony of colors, smells and textures opens up new dimensions to this tea. 


くき茶みどり Stem Tea: Kukicha Midori 

Made from early spring harvested leaves and tender stems, kukicha is a fragrant and brilliant bright green tea with a fresh, savory taste and sweet, mellow finish. Known as "twig tea", our Kukicha Midori uses only higher-grade stems from the manufacture of sencha. Customer enjoy its crispsy as cold brewing tea.


瀬戸のや紅葉 Organic Japanese Black Tea  

Fresh new leaves that grow in early summer form the basis of our pure Japanese black tea. Unbrewed, the leaves emanate a dusky, sensual perfume. Prepared, our Japanese black tea is characterized by its natural sweetness, lack of bitterness, and great patience. It is distinctly smoother and less astringent than traditional black tea. Easy to brew, agreeably smooth on the tongue, fantastic iced. Try it without milk or sugar. We employ unique proprietary methods refined over the last decade, drawing from industry best practices and equipment from Sri Lanka, home to some of the world's finest black teas. Let us suprise you. 


These tea are good for cold brewing at the same time good for serve hot. Enjoy! 

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