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Organic Roasted Rice Tea mixed with Matcha

Organic Roasted Rice Tea mixed with Matcha - 抹茶入玄米茶 100g

Organic Genmaicha essentially a mix of Green Tea and Roasted Rice.

Our delicious blend of spring first flush leaves and aromatic Roasted genmaicha (玄米茶, brown rice tea) is coated with organic brilliant green JAS-certified Matcha powder. The harmony of colors, smells and textures opens up new dimensions to this tea. 

  • Product Info

    100g Roasted Rice Genmaicha with Matcha mixed 

    The Tea Farmer: Mr. Kazuki Kinezuka

    Tea Field Location: Setoya, Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan, 200-600 meter above sea level.

    Environment: Highland, foggy, great temperature different day and night, tough environment makes the tea grow slower, that is why the favor are thick, very balance natural, insects control each other so no single harm became disaster to the tea, no pesticide, all organic fertilizer. 100% Japan Government certified organic (JAS Certified).

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