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Organic Black Tea Setoya Mimoji  - Shizuoka Omiyage

Organic Black Tea - Setoya Mimoji 瀬戸谷もみぢ 100g

Organic Black Tea Setoya Mimoji

Fresh new leaves that grow in early summer form the basis of our pure "Japanese Black Tea".


Unbrewed, the leaves emanate a dusky, sensual perfume. Prepared, our Organic Japanese Black Tea is characterized by its natural sweetness, lack of bitterness, and great patience. It is distinctly smoother and less astringent than traditional black tea. Easy to brew, agreeably smooth on the tongue, fantastic iced. Try it without milk or sugar.


We employ unique proprietary methods refined over the last decade, drawing from industry best practices and equipment from Sri Lanka, home to some of the world's finest black teas.


    100g Organic Japanese Black Tea

    The Tea Farmer: Mr. Kazuki Kinezuka

    Tea Field Location: Setoya, Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan, 200-600 meter above sea level.

    Environment: Highland, foggy, great temperature different day and night, tough environment makes the tea grow slower, that is why the favor are thick, very balance natural, insects control each other so no single harm became disaster to the tea, no pesticide, all organic fertilizer. 100% Japan Government certified organic (JAS Certified).


    As you know the farmer is working hard every day to take care the tea tree instead. We try to deliver the enjoyment to you as soon as possible. For small order we usually send out from Hong Kong, otherwise from our main warehouse in Japan. Please refer to the delivery charges on checking out your order.

    If you wanted to order a lot of tea and wanted to discuss your special request, please send us an seperate email or Whatsapp +852 6572 8485 for quicker response.

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