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Blind Dating Set

Blind Dating Set

For our beginner liked to start his organic Japanese tea journey, we are offering 3 kind of tea we proud to present.


Yabukita Midori is our best seller, we mix our green tea for this delicious yet price friendly tea. This is the top re-buy items in our store. Yabukita is also the most popular and remarkable cultiver of Japanese green tea under our well skilled medium steaming and rolling.


Genmai-cha, green tea mixed with roasted rice, the most popular blend tea in Japan. Our rice are organic too, our customers like its purity and the natural fragrance.


Setoya Momiji means the local red leaf in this area, we process black tea using the Sri Lanka technology with our very well care tea tree here in Japan, best processing and best growing, try and let us suprise you.


    $60.00 Regular Price
    $57.00Sale Price
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