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Organic Green Tea - Kabuse かぶせ茶 50g

Organic Green Tea - Kabuse かぶせ茶 50g

From one of Japan's organic tea pioneers comes an extraordinary kabusecha: Organic Premium Kabuse. Shaded for 20 days before harvest aims to lower down the photosynthesis, rather than the usual two weeks, the deep pine-green leaf needles delight with a rich ambrosia of umami savoriness. Distinct and delightfully complex but harmonious vegetal notes make it all at once refreshing, nourishing and stimulating.


    65g Supreme Quality Green Tea 

    The Tea Farmer: Mr. Kazuki Kinezuka

    Tea Field Location: Setoya, Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan, 200-600 meter above sea level.

    Environment: Highland, foggy, great temperature different day and night, tough environment makes the tea grow slower, that is why the favor are thick, very balance natural, insects control each other so no single harm became disaster to the tea, no pesticide, all organic fertilizer. 100% Japan Government certified organic (JAS Certified).

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