Organic black tea in hong kong

Organic Black Tea In Hong Kong

We cultivate, grow, process, pack and dispatch, we are the tea farmers!

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About Us


We are a group of Japanese tea farmers from Shizuoka, Japan. We try to approach end users/ tea house direct to save your middleman cost, maximise your money on quality! 



We are from the mountain area; Shizuoka, the most famous tea planting prefecture in Japan. We are also the ONLY ONE prefecture in Japan where chemical seasoning into tea is forbidden. Hence, all our tea are natural. We grow, process, pack and dispatch by ourselves to ensure the quality. 

Feel free to ask any question. If you have any special situation, we can try our best to help. For example, we make deep steam tea for our Hong Kong and Singapore clients who do not have good quality tap water. We can adjust our packing to fit your consumption make sure the tea is fresh from packing. You can also provide your own packaging bag if you have strict packing material regulations in your country like France. That is our flexibility you may not found in other sellers. 

Our organic black tea farmers in hong kong

 About Our Farmers


We have a good number of organic tea growers produce the best quality organic tea in Shizuoka, Japan, some are growing tea here for a few hundred years. We have more young tea farmers joining us lately who aware of the importance of treating the soil kind and make the farming sustainable.  


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